Our Driving Force

by South Bridge

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released March 22, 2014



all rights reserved


South Bridge Naples, Italy

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Track Name: The Walking Dead
I was wondering what's it like
To travel the same bridge this plague had run before
A bridge so dark that you can't even see the edge
Something so attractive, something so sublime
And that's the way we died

Do you at least feel our sky break? Is there remorse deep in your heart?
Cause believe me when I say, believe me when I scream this thing is killing me
Killing those images of you by my side, the sun above so bright

I'd break the chains of apathy but your silence is noise to me
These scattered tears among the way as a costant reminder of the dreams we threw away
So in the end, is this what you get?
You fought, you cried and bled then turned into a walking dead

Please, keep in mind the reason of this struggle
Cause it's all worth our hate
And I'm screaming in your head like only a deadman could
Track Name: Look Up In The Dictionary
I scream this just to let you know
This is our battle cry, our driving force
I've based all the structures of my life so that I could live the dream
And hear its pulse
So when you feel like this is going too fast, I'll be already staring at you through my rear-view mirror

Let's tear this fucking place apart
Track Name: Field Of Dreams
I will not relapse, nor will I retrace my steps
Cause too much blood has passed through these veins no longer filled with pain

And when the sun will set tonight, we'll find ourselves through faded lights
We'll clench our fists ready to fight

None of your words can harm me
No memories will bind me
Longing to the kid inside me, to go out and persue my dream
Track Name: An Endless Engine
Our head to think, our heart to love, our mouth to scream, our fists to beat you down

And there's nothing else we need
So take your hopelessness down with you and your paranoia
I won't bow my head nor offer my back and I won't spend my days regretting the fight

And there's nothing else we need
Cause there's ideas inside this head, and there's passion in this heart
An endless engine easy to operate, yet so hard for you to comprehend

And there's nothing else we need
Cause I'm keeping myself straight until the edge.
Track Name: Telamon
So once again I stand with dust in my hands
My eyelids closed like barricades against the passing of time
I raise my chin towards the sky, deep breaths to mark the seconds
As the first drop hits my flesh I am ready to embrace the storm

We're bearing the spoils of all mankind
We're pushing too far from who we are

Building and carving then crawling ahead, looking for that spot where we can rest our heads
From great powers come great responsibilities, but this weight is overwhelming me

As we get old, days will get cold
Track Name: The Last Entry (feat. Giancarlo from The Memory)
Put our farewells aside
There's too many things we can't abide
And letting go has never been a trait of mine

Back when the last bit of your sweat has dropped, could you remember the last time you stopped
To hear the wind, to see these shores, to feel and cherish the breath of the world?

I'm taking back what's mine, I still get shivers down my spine
I swear to you that I will take back what's mine, I still get shivers down my spine

Our dissent was spread, now it's way over your head
You can't rely on any word that you've said
This shit's in too deep, and every slope is too steep
There is no way you can escape this but creep
Spare me your fucking disrespectful beliefs
I'm growing tired of every sentence you spit
Raising empires based on routine and rat race
Means only digging our way towards our graves
An eye for an eye, a spine for a spine
I swear to you that I will take back what's mine